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Anila Joy -- CTO, MaastDec 18, 2023 11:44:24 AM3 min read

PAVE THE WAY: How to Provide Seamless and Comprehensive Embedded Finance Experiences

Key Takeaways

  • Embedded finance can unlock critical value-added cash flow for ISVs and ERP, ecommerce marketplaces, and other SaaS providers
  • For SaaS customers, embedded finance offers the potential for a more comprehensive, seamless, and centralized experience
  • Maast’s secure APIs and webhooks allow SaaS companies to easily provide high-end financial solutions on their platform, under their brand
  • An embedded finance partner with an established bank sponsorship helps ensure compliance and provides customers with peace of mind


Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers love the idea of embedded finance. Why wouldn’t they when embedded financial features into their software can increase revenue by up to five times? At Maast, we’re obsessed with simplifying the process of adding embedded finance to SaaS platforms. Offering white-labeled payment acceptance, business checking accounts, and more requires a complex network of systems and processes operating quickly, securely, and seamlessly.

Maast makes embedded finance as easy as a few lines of code and a link on your dashboard.

Our curated financial services allow SaaS providers to match integrated solutions with their unique customers’ needs. For example, an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) serving law firms can today offer payment acceptance (to accept money from their clients) and digital checking accounts (so they have a place to keep it). As the ISV grows and its customers’ needs evolve, they can choose to add accounts payable (so they can automatically pay their vendors) and more.

Maast’s embedded finance platform stands out because we go beyond payment acceptance. Our secure systems can handle SaaS customer application and onboarding, passing data securely to the software provider. Our unique offering engine also anticipates customers’ needs based on their behavior and can empower SaaS providers to position upsell opportunities in front of customers at just the right moment.

Through secure APIs and developer tools, our technology abstracts the complexities of payments and banking integration, freeing SaaS providers from navigating the technical, operational, and regulatory obstacles that occur when financial institutions and tech platforms intersect. Maast handles it all with a white-glove approach.

The Maast platform was built to make onboarding and underwriting for financial products easy. We’ve built a robust and secure back-end connecting multiple systems with bank-grade security for money flows. For example, we integrate with 25 systems worldwide to provide an automated, fully digitized underwriting so that your customers can be approved in minutes versus weeks or months. Imagine, no more complex multiple vendor integrations. Maast offers the one-stop solution for onboarding and managing your financial systems.

While other embedded finance companies may come from a move-fast-and-break-things fintech culture, Maast originated from one of the most innovative and established banks in the Southeast, Synovus Bank, Member FDIC. A client-first approach is in our DNA. Key components to our integrations include secure APIs for accessing financial data, identity verification services, real-time transaction processing, data encryption, and compliance with regulatory standards. Our deep banking experience allows us to provide secure and reliable integration with various financial institutions, payment processors, and insurance providers.

An intuitive developer sandbox makes testing and delivery a breeze. Our Developer Hub includes:

  • Hosted, real-time APIs and webhooks
  • Sample code and examples
  • Hosted checkout and out-of-the-box payment solutions
  • Versioned API changes
  • Extensive integrations using our plugin library
  • Comprehensive guides and documentation

Here is how we simplify embedded finance integration:

  1. We provide a fully hosted, turnkey, and brandable application form. Data entered by the customer routes directly to our underwriting and onboarding solution. Application onboarding can begin with a simple link that can be embedded in your platform. Once completed, we take over the application process, underwriting decisioning, and activation to the payments and banking platforms. The entire customer experience is white-labeled, and customizing the customer journey with your brand is a simple setup.
  2. We host everything from the application form to underwriting and onboarding. Bank accounts are onboarded to our banking platform, which is a bank-grade, redundant platform serving multiple U.S. digital banks. Our payment acceptance platform is a large-scale, fully redundant platform with 99.999% availability.
  3. We have a comprehensive reporting portal that provides a complete overview of the money flow through your systems. The reports are real-time to near-real-time depending on the data flow and how customers are set up to use our services.

By embracing the innovation and agility of embedded finance, SaaS providers can drive growth and increase revenue. When evaluating embedded finance service providers, determine who best understands the complex financial ecosystem and how to remove technology and operational barriers. Ask us how Maast can help you get to market faster and offer business owners a better experience while continuing to focus on what you do best.



Anila Joy -- CTO, Maast

The ability to make positive changes in people’s lives through technology is what fuels Anila Joy. Her 20 years of entrepreneur and executive experience at early-stage and enterprise organizations, like Allstate, comes with a track record of solving customer problems with high-value software. In fast-paced, trend-bending environments Anila is a transformational leader who gets the job done.