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Rock the House with Embedded Finance
MaastJul 9, 2023 8:00:00 AM3 min read

ROCK THE HOUSE: 7 Financial Features Your Fans Will Love

Who wouldn’t want to be a rock star? The applause, adoration, and autographs, all for following your passion.

Likely, you’re already on your way to stardom. You’ve expertly created software that fits perfectly into a specific industry segment. Your loyal fans, i.e., business owners, are eager to hear about the next big hits that will keep their businesses humming. Give them something to talk about by embedding these popular payment and banking features into your software.


Integrate payment acceptance in your software

The Eagles have it right, “take it easy.” When it comes to taking payments, business owners want to make it easy and convenient for their customers to pay for goods and services. Streamline processes and boost productivity by securely capturing payment details for purchases made in person, online, as invoice remittances, or on an automated recurring schedule, all from within your core software.


Offer customers a branded experience

Listen to the wise words of Snoop Dogg, “I wanna thank me.” You’ve worked hard to create brand awareness for your company and your software. Keep your brand front and center with your customers by extending payments and banking services as features in your software under your brand. You’ll build brand equity and expand your base by delivering value differentiators customers like, trust, and recommend. 


Keep customers' card credentials up-to-date

REM speaks the truth, make it “automatic for the people.” Use Card Account Updater features to ensure that card details for future, recurring, and subscription payments are updated, increasing approvals. It improves cash flow for your business owners by eliminating the delays associated with contacting customers to obtain updated card credentials. And the consumer gets uninterrupted service, creating a better experience.


Collect Level 2 and Level 3 data to lower transaction costs

Ready, Ciara? Five, four, three, two, one. . .Level up! Businesses that accept commercial cards—purchasing cards, corporate cards, and business cards—from other businesses or government agencies can save 0.5% - 1.5% on processing costs by passing invoice details such as item description, tax amount, freight cost, and more with their transactions. The savings really add up, especially for companies with high average tickets. Your business owners will unleash savings that can be applied to customer-facing initiatives.


Protect sensitive payment data with advanced security features

Men Without Hats sang about the importance of safe dancing. We’d argue it’s even more important to prevent card details from getting into the hands of fraudsters. Offer peace of mind to your business owners by ensuring your payment provider has advanced fraud prevention and security technology, like encryption and tokenization, so your business owners can store billing, payment details, and customer data in a secure vault.


Make it simple to get money

Help your business owners get “the green, the money, the cash flow” like Jennifer Lopez. Work with a partner that connects payments, banking, and loans together so your business owners have access to working capital to invest in their business when they need it most. Eliminate the hassles of complex loan applications and trips to the bank by offering a simple “click-to-accept” application. Since payments and banking activity flow through the same systems, lending decisions are less risky and quick.


Give your customers the support they need

The Beatles screamed for “somebody, not just anybody” to help. When something’s not working, your business owners need to know they can find answers to fix the issue and move on. Sure, you can help them with your core software, but your support team may not be able to address questions pertaining to payments or bank accounts. Work with a partner that offers a direct line of support via self-service and live service teams.

Partner with Maast to follow the money. In no time, you’ll be an even more legendary software rock star in the eyes of your fans!

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